Tidal turbines

05.10.11: Tidal energy project win energy north award


The Sound of Islay tidal energy project has been recognized by the Energy North Awards, and ScottishPower Renewables received the award earlier this week. The Hammerfest Strøm tidal turbine technology will be used in this project.

The 10MW array development has been awarded the Best Offshore Renewables accolade.

ScottishPower Renewables was awarded consent for the world’s first commercial sized tidal current project in March 2011 and plans commencing installation of the turbines in 2013. The first 1MW device will be verified at the European Marine Energy Centre in Orkney prior to installation at Islay.

The Energy North Awards judges praised ScottishPower Renewables’ efforts to develop and use domestic sub-suppliers and highlighted that the project is significant in terms of technology and commercial scale, with massive export potential.

Alan Mortimer, ScottishPower Renewables’ Head of Renewables Policy, said: “This was really unexpected and we are extremely grateful for this award”.

“The Highland and Islands could have a major role in the future of marine renewables and we have already seen that potential with the construction of the substructure at Arnish for Hammerfest Strøm’s 1MW device.”


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